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8 Steps to Remote Employee Onboarding for Employers

Steps to Remote Employee Onboarding for Employers

Even in the best of times, onboarding new employees can be challenging for many organizations. If you look back, you’ll know how it feels on the very first day at a new job. New faces with unfamiliar surroundings and technologies. These factors can be overwhelming for both employers and employees.

How will the Future of Work Look in 2021?

how will the future of work

COVID-19 has turned the world on its head and has inverted the conventional paradigms of our existence. One of these paradigms is related to how to work. Many of us have spent most of 2020 separated from our colleagues and logging in to regularly greet each other from living spaces, bedrooms, or other cobbled places. Thus, remote working is becoming a common part of life.

Remote Work and the Globalization of Services

Remote Work and Globalization of Services

For the past few decades, remote work has been increasingly adapted. The idea driving this; no task needs to be done or executed in a particular space or geographical location. A lot of people are now working outside their traditional workspace environment.

Impact of Digital Transformation and the Future of Remote Staff

Digital Transformation and Future of Remote Staff

The concept of remote work or remote staff isn’t new. However, it seemed like a new idea considering the pandemic and its accompanying challenges. Navigating all-remote work is now a challenge due to which companies are embracing digital transformation. They are adapting digitalized networks by collaborating with solutions.

Success with Remote Workforce for Digital Marketing Agencies

remote workforce for digital marketing agencies

For many digital marketing agencies, the main significant asset is its employees. Their contribution in the form of skills and expertise allows an agency to make their business successful. A digital marketing agency utilizes a remote workforce quite often to accomplish their targets.

How to Test the Skills of Remote Workers?

how to test the skills of remote workers

The trend of hiring remote workers for the last couple of years worldwide has been growing. And after the Covid-19 pandemic, the working remote module seems to have become a part of our daily lives. Bureau of Labor Statistics points to just under 30 percent of people having an opportunity to operate remotely to some extent. And there is an estimation that these numbers would grow in the future.