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9 Creative Ideas Christmas Celebration 2020 For Remote Team!

Want to organize a virtual party but are running out of ideas for Christmas party? Searching for methods of remote celebration to make your remote workers happy? Looking for online farewell ideas? Planning virtual games for employees? Need Christmas party ideas for work?

Want to organize a virtual party but are running out of ideas for Christmas party? Searching for methods of remote celebration to make your remote workers happy? Looking for online farewell ideas? Planning virtual games for employees? Need Christmas party ideas for work?

You are at the right place for all the ideas you need. We have offered answers to your questions right here.

It is a lovely idea to arrange virtual activities for employees during the ongoing pandemic. Going outdoors to celebrate feasts is not a good option nowadays. We have to find alternatives and figure out how to celebrate Christmas at home, virtually. Given the situation, we must embrace remote celebrations. (After all, Santa also leaves gifts at our homes, so we have to be there to receive them 😊)

The vacations have arrived!

Although it’s an excellent gesture to present a card that everybody on your staff has signed, there are several opportunities to spread the joy of Christmas with remote workers too. Even if the departments are entirely remote, it is super easy to arrange virtual games for office entertainment and to make everybody feel connected and respected.

So, we have nine handpicked creative 2020 Christmas party ideas for memorable remote celebrations with your virtual squad.

1. Send Presents to Your Coworkers: 

Perhaps the biggest treat is finding presents in the mail. With a gift of goodies, you will surprise your team pleasantly. Before your digital gathering, you can do this or, if your team is feeling left out, get an off-screen experience with a gift package delivered to them.

2. Arrange a Virtual Christmas Dinner:

One suggestion is to arrange a digital party through the dining room or kitchen to transform your workspace and add more of a Christmas vibe. It’s important to have many hosts for your Christmas activities to make your virtual celebration a success. Also, use your channel for interaction. The party’s goal will always be to maximize your employees’ engagement and inspiration.

3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

The exciting and productive method of socializing through a virtual meeting is a digital scavenger hunt. The exercise requires 15 to 20 minutes, which will enhance participation and enthusiasm, and will help motivate members of your gathering. There is also storytelling, or ‘reveal and explain possibilities’ to consider, such as childhood presents, a funny embarrassing story about oneself, Christmas sweets, and things like that. Such activities can improve employee relationships.

4. Decoration Contests:

Equip your workers for combat with methods to counter work-from-home workspace tedium. The aim is to add variety to their usual settings. Challenge your staff to come up with ideas and items that beautify their home office or home workspace. It could be a desktop or a computer chair, or even a pillar or wall that acts as their everyday background. It would help if you made it a challenge, build a squad that follows decoration patterns, and then see who turns up with a hilarious or most imaginative festive scene to display on your Zoom call.

5. Charades:

Another excellent addition that will have you and your staff laughing is playing Charades. You have to act out the name of a Christmas-based track or film. In contrast, the colleagues will have to get it corrected before the clock runs out.

The one that will be rewarded at the close of the competition would be the one who performed well. It may also come to the team as an unexpected result.

6. Virtual Award Ceremony:

The best way to show support and gratitude to your staff is through an online awards ceremony. Setting up an award for each person and making a mini-speech is perfect for getting people together and recognizing team achievements. Before your Christmas gathering, awards or prizes can be personalized and delivered to your coworkers’ homes in a package named ‘Kindly keep this closed’ till the particular day. You’ll need to mention the day.

Additionally, a virtual award ceremony is also a creative solution if you are looking for online farewell ideas.

7. Create a Playlist for the Party:

Each party requires entertainment. Usually, events include one Disc Jockey. However, anyone can plug in through online gatherings. On Soundcloud or Spotify, make a Christmas compilation and invite everybody to submit their choice tracks to it.

You could use the sound sharing option in your room during the online party. In that manner, everybody can listen to the background music playing.

8. Bring a Theme:

Getting a theme is another excellent way to ensure your online Christmas party is set apart from your ordinary virtual meetings.

The most noticeable and best theme is Red color, of course. Most attendants want to present their cute Christmas sweatshirts, caps, and masks, helping build the Christmas spirit by getting dressed up colorfully.

9. Who Am I:

It can be enjoyed at any moment during the party. You can request everybody to submit their childhood photos before the party. Then everyone takes turns guessing who that is. Cute ones will leave everyone in awe.

10. Ready for the Party?

Although you and your peers may not create a jingle at your office workplace, you may host a vibrant online Christmas party to delight your employees for real. It has been a stressful year, and you are certainly welcome to allow staff the chance to chill with their coworkers, family, and companions.

Your team has worked tirelessly all year long and needs the time to relax, interact, and enjoy the holiday season. You can organize a cheerful and unforgettable virtual gathering while using the suggestions here, which will gather your virtual team and please them.

Merry Christmas!