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Goal-Setting Sessions with Your Remote Team Member


Set clear business goals with definite metrics, well-structured timelines for evaluation periods, and check-ins. Build cultural norms and expectations up front because it helps management run remote teams successfully and achieve goals. On a continuous basis, technology is evolving, due to which remote work culture is growing common in every industry.

Fun Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

Fun Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

Managing a virtual team with team building exercises is quite a challenge but not impossible. It’s difficult, especially when your remote employees are spread across numerous time zones but only interact with each other via video conference calls. Whether your team is exchanging funny photos of their dogs on any channel like Slack or they’re playing games, it’s significant for them to socialize rather than feel vulnerable. Outside the work context, there must be a platform where employees can interact with each other.

Challenges of Managing Remote Employees and How to Overcome Them?

Challenges of Managing Remote Employees

Work culture within a remote team has become a common discussion since the idea of remote work took the world by storm in a pandemic-stricken world. Earlier, it wasn’t common for companies to work outside their offices, but due to COVID-19 our world changed. For some, adopting remote work culture was a surprise, while it was nothing new for others. It’s quite challenging to manage a remote team, especially when you wish to work like typical office days.

Criteria for Hiring Remote Employees or Independent Contractors

Criteria For Hiring Remote Employees

Many companies are growing their network to search for talented candidates on an international level to cater to their remote recruiting challenges. One way of becoming a top performer is to hire freelancers, remote employees, independent contractors, or other contingent labor worldwide.

7 Must-Have Remote Work Skills for Remote Workers in 2021

Remote Work Skills For Remote Workers In 2021

The remote work trend has grown common across many industries over the past few decades. After the recent pandemic, it forced many organizations to send their workers home. ‘Working from Home’ was suddenly every employee’s status.