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Fluent Uses Aspired to Accelerates its Engineering Team by 5x

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How Fluent uses Aspired to build engineering teams 5x faster

Fluent and Aspired joined their forces to create a platform that connects customers and brands by the name of Boodle. The users for the USA have a chance at winning gift cards and rewards that they can use at their favorite brands. The idea was to entice users into downloading the app and for brands to attract and retain more new customers.
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Fluent Uses Aspired to Accelerates its Engineering Team by 5x

Looking to accelerate their engineering team, CEO Ryan Schulke turned to Aspired for a full-cycle hiring solution to build their all-in-one reward app. Aspired helped them in hiring the right team and get the development process up and running, all the while covering the nerve-recking hiring process for Fluent. Raheel Ilyas, Project Manager, Aspired, quickly understood what Fluent needed, and our recruitment experts took control of reviewing and analyzing the best fit for the job through our vetting process. Within a span of three months Aspired scaled Fluent’s team by 5x.

The Challenge Fluent Faced

Fluent had the idea of building their app in the shortest time possible, and they needed the right team to execute it. Their goal was to deliver an extraordinary project that needed a skilled team. Aspired stepped in to take over the hiring process and build their dream team, making sure that the engineering team was capable of delivering a powerful platform that could help Fluent achieve its goals. “We didn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring people for the project. We just wanted smart people on the team. Aspired helped us in finding people who knew their job and had great work ethics. That’s all we needed for now!” – says Ryan Schulke, CEO Fluent.

Aspired Stepped in to Aid Fluent

The Aspired experts explored their pool of applicants to shortlist candidates that met the requirements of Fluent. Aspired focused on individuals that met Fluent’s technical requirements based on their experience, talent, and skillset. Aspired and Fluent conducted on-job assessments to narrow down the list further and pick the best talent. Fluent’s requirement was quite dynamic in terms of development and Aspired used the latest technologies to reshape the entire project. Our project manager proposed the perfect team structure to Fluent for building the ‘Boodle’ app. The team included five important resources, including the Project Manager, a Quality Assurance Officer, one DevOps member, a React Developer, and a Backend Developer. This team was responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the app. Fluent was able to hire quality candidates, while Aspired took care of the billings and payments. Boodle attained 100K users during the first 3 months of the launch and currently has over 350K active users. The dynamic results compelled Fluent to choose to continue their collaboration with Aspired and requested the allocation of a full-time team dedicated to their project. The team offers non-stop app support and implementation of the latest features to keep the app up-to-date.
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Team Locations:Karachi, Pakistan.
Team Size:27 and growing
TEAM MAKEUP:Senior Software Engineers

Engineering Manager

Automation Engineer

NodeJS Engineer

Principal Architect

Product Manager

Aspired helped Fluent hire 27 engineers in just three months.

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