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Aspired Drives Branded Online’s Development Through Its Engineering Power

October 8, 2020
Marketing Company

Aspired Revamped Brandedonline.com to Achieve a Personalized Shopping Experience.

Aspired rebuilt BrandedOnline.com with an enhanced direct-to-consumer functionality, offering a more personalized shopping experience to address today’s diverse, cosmopolitan consumer needs.
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Aspired Drives Branded Online’s Development Through Its Engineering Power

With the mission to find the right team for the development of his e-commerce venture, CEO Jan Nugent turned to Aspired to get assistance for a smooth hiring process. Aspired took complete responsibility of putting together an engineering team that could achieve their dream of an e-commerce store for brands. Raheel Ilyas, Project Manager, Aspired, conducted one on one sessions with the Branded Online CEO to understand their requirements. Once the requirements were taken into consideration, Aspired helped the company hire experts in less than three months.

The Obstacles Branded Online Overcame

Branded Online envisioned to build an e-commerce store that was home for numerous brands. They wanted their website launched in minimum time for which they needed a motivated team who was ready to deliver. The project needed a critical team, and that’s exactly what Aspired delivered. Aspired made sure to deliver what Branded Online pictured. We quickly narrowed down experts who had the skillset that was fit for the job. Our experts structured a team that fulfilled Branded Online’s mission of creating the best online platform. The technical team developed and executed a development plan that helped in achieving a flawless website for Branded Online.

Aspired Yielded Fruitful Results for Branded Online

The hiring experts at Aspired recruited talent that aided the development process of Branded online, as expected. Every chosen individual was put through a strict vetting process to ensure they had the technical abilities to cater to the project. Branded Online had many technical demands and Aspired met each demand adequately for the smooth sailing of the project. Given the success of the platform itself, Branded Online retured to Aspired requesting for their expertise in multiple client projects. The dedicated engineering team concurrently works with the Branded Online and its clients for all technical updates and maintenance, alongside providing an excellent customer experience.
Aspired Services
Team Locations:Karachi, Pakistan.
Team Size:27 and growing
TEAM MAKEUP:Senior Software Engineers

Engineering Manager

Automation Engineer

NodeJS Engineer

Principal Architect

Product Manager

Aspired helped Branded Online hire 27 engineers in just three months.

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