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Aspired helped OOMCO hire 27 engineers in just three months.

September 20, 2020
Oil Marketing Company

Aspired helped OOMCO hire
27 engineers in just three months.

The biggest challenge when working on an innovative project is hiring trained people who know their job. With Aspired, we didn’t have to worry about hiring and training.

– Hamed Al Zadjali, Digital Manager, Oman Oil
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Aspired Helped OOMCO Scale Their Engineering Team in Three Months.

Qasim Iqbal’s goal was to quickly scale OOMCO’s engineering team, as they set out to build a comprehensive B2C application for their retail fuels division. OOMCO was interested in hiring the best engineering talent in the shortest amount of time and Aspired did the job for them. Our team discussed and understood Iqbal’s requirements and ticking all the right boxes for him. Oneeb Ahmed, VP Engineering, Aspired took charge of the OOMCO project known as ‘OOMCO World’. He visited Oman for better understanding of the company’s dynamics, their infrastructure and team requirements. Aspired took charge of all operational requirements of the team and took the hassle of hiring and onboarding from Iqbal’s hands. Within a span of 3 months Aspired had a built a team of 27 engineers working solemnly on the OOMCO World Project.

The Fastest Hiring Process by Aspired for OOMCO

Aspired constantly builds its network of vetted talent, which helped the hiring experts to assess and shortlist the best talent for the job. Aspired quickly steered into the hiring process for OOMCO, helping them quickly narrow down on the talent and closing offers. Our teams quickly handled the administrative details like onboarding giving Iqbal’s team to focus on other project aspects.
Our VP Engineering structured the OOMCO project’s team himself. As the app was based on React Native, while the backend was based on Node JS. The team combination for the project consisted of Senior Node JS and PHP developers, Senior Database Architect, Senior Project Manager, DevOps Engineer and Account Manager. Understanding the resource requirements our hiring experts hired the best talent for the project within a week.

Aspired’s Relationship with OOMCO

OOMCO was looking for an agile partner to manage the hiring and onboarding process for their resource requirement, to close offers and retain top in-demand talent. Within six months of the soft launch, OOMCO returned to Aspired and commended the services that Aspired offered them.

Oneeb Ahmed Siddiqui, VP Engineering, Aspired, was the product owner for the project. The team used these collaboration tools for coordination with OOMCO’s team: Slack, Jira, and Go-To Meet. The user traffic generated on the app was 3x than the expectation of the client; leading OOMCO to raise more than 5 Million OMR in revenue.

OOMCO is still working with Aspired for planning and implementing new add-ons and functionalities as well as offering support and maintenance of the existing app. The Aspired team is currently working on Phase 4, where they have introduced Virtual Cards and interactive game for user engagement. Moreover, the team also integrated user behavior tracking in the app.

Aspired Services
Team Locations:Karachi, Pakistan.
Team Size:27 and growing
TEAM MAKEUP:Senior Software Engineers

Engineering Manager

Automation Engineer

NodeJS Engineer

Principal Architect

Product Manager

Aspired helped OOMCO hire 27 engineers in just three months.

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