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Austin Lovvorn
Assistant Vice President, Aspired.io
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SharePoint Developer

Hire a talented SharePoint developer from our resource pool. Enrich your SharePoint team with industry-established benefits.

$ 25 / hour
  • Design or Developer or Project Manager or SEO
  • Backed by Aspired Guarantee
  • HR & Payroll
  • Remote Onboarding
  • Top-notch Benefits administration management
  • Aspired Community Access
  • Member resource groups
  • Career coaching
  • Remote IT support

Remote Elastic Team

You can build a hybrid team with a mix of in-house and remote resources that collaborate to help you grow.

$ 3.5k / month
  • Everything in Remote Plus Team
  • Access to collaboration spaces
  • Regional flexibility with Aspired offices across three tech hubs in US, UAE, India and Pakistan
  • Office space optimized for engineer productivity
  • Access to exclusive product demos and team events.

Aspired helped Engro Corp build a management system to meet future needs

“Gearing up for the future, the new app ensures data synchronization as a document at any time, and from anywhere, through an efficient user interface available for the Android, iOS, and web.“
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We prudently select talented people.

We hunt for developers who have at least 5 years’ project experience, and excellent English language skills. Our rigorous process entails screening and selecting project-aligned candidates from our talent pool to build your remote team.


We test candidates’ technical skills.

Our technical recruiters conduct tests to evaluate each candidate’s development skill level, technical knowledge, code quality, and problem-solving skills.


Interview and personality test.

Once candidates get through their technical assessment, we conduct a comprehensive interview to analyze their communication, personality and work ethic to make sure they are a good match for your organization.


Probation and Performance Evaluation.

All candidates have worked with us on previous projects, and we use their performance to ascertain their professionalism, expertise, competence, and integrity. When hired for you, they still go through a 60-day probation period, and every employee must maintain high-quality standards.


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Let’s talk about building an A* workforce, and developing innovative digital products together!​


React Native app development time-frames depend on the following:
- The extent of customization.
- The type of design.
- Scale and scope parameters of the project.
- Inclusion of advanced features.
- Get in touch with us.
- Speak with our business development lead concerning the hiring process.
- You will need to talk to our React Native department head.
- Share the initial project details.
- Hire a develop or a team of developers (sign an NDA with us).
- Select a hiring plan (hourly, daily, weekly).
Yes, the developer or team you hire will be dedicated to your project.
Your developers will be seamlessly connected with you through user-friendly software that is widely available.
You can lead your own team if you have the technical expertise and experience of doing so. However, we also have experienced technicians to take care of this for you.
You will possess full authority over your team, and you can ask for changes to your team, or even replace a single developer.
The best work is done through a team of dedicated people. Especially if your project requires more time, it would be better to have a dedicated team.
Few major factors that account for React Native Application development costs include:
- The scale and scope Size of the project.
- The number of advanced features required.
- Time and skills required for fulfilling the project.
Each developer at Aspired.io is has a minimum of 5 years’ experience, with the average falling somewhere between 5 and 7 years working with us.

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Hamed Al-Zadjali Digital Manager, Oman Oil Marketing Company.

They come up with really creative ideas and are always willing to give more than is required of them.

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Raul Salcedo Director of Product at Vesey Studios - Mobile Games & Apps

They were available and always remained focused no matter any adjustments that were made.

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